Happy Birthday & Welcome!

Hello, Richmonders, from this day forward I will be your beermeister. Don’t let the title of Beermeister fool you; I’m really nice guy and I love to share!

What can you expect  from this new blog?  I’m so glad you asked. From my little corner of the internet, I hope to be able to share my love of all things in the craft beer world.  Sometimes this may include a great beer I discovered while out on in RVA.  Others maybe my experiences at breweries outside of Virginia that will be on my Wishlist.  Of course, I love to cook so I have to through in a recipe or two; how does a Cherry Stout Pound Cake sound?   When I hear about events coming to Richmond, you will hear about them here.

I think it is only fitting to start this new blog on my birthday.  With that said, here is what you can do for me.  Find a bar or restaurant in Richmond or wherever you are reading this from and raise glass or bottle of craft beer to me and this new endeavor.  If you need a list, here are a few of my favorites in RVA:

Can Can Brasserie

Tarrant’s Cafe


The Belvidere at Broad

The Camel


You very well may find me at one of these places tonight. Cheers!

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