Crossroads Dogfish Head Tap Takeover


Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream on Forest Hill had their taps taken over by Dogfish Head beer. Were you there? If not, here is a little of what you missed.

Lawnmower — a beer so limited it is typically only sold in Delaware.

Namaste — Belgian style White with organic orange slices and lemongrass

Theobroma — one of Dogfish’s Ancient Ales.  There is no description that could do this beer justice.

90 Minute IPA — I’ll admit I tried this beer to get an Untappd badge but if Dogfish Head keeps making beers like this one, they will turn me into a hophead soon enough.

Now this was only half of the beers on tap.  Someone asked me why Crossroads was doing this. The only response I could give is because they are awesome! Thanks to Crossroads, I will crave pistachios with my beer from now on. Don’t believe me; go to Crossroads and prove me wrong.

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