Taste the Local Broad Street Bar Crawl

You know how much I love beer and food pairings. Well, Taste the Local has taken the concept to the next level and paired it with a pub crawl.  Tonight, they will be stopping at three popular beer and food spots on Broad Street: Tarrant’s Cafe, Bistro 27 and Popkin’s Tavern.  Each location has created dishes to pair with selected beers. Here’s the route and times for the crawl.

5 — 6pm 

Tarrant’s Cafe

Hardywood Singel with Singel battered sea bass ‘fish fingers’ and chips with fried green tomatoes.

6:30 — 7:30pm  

Bistro 27

Hardywood Farmhouse Pumpkin, O’Connor Red Nun, and Legend Winter White with Sausagecraft sausages, pork and duck rilettes, and cheeses.

7:30 — 8:30

Popkins Tavern 

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon with duck breast prosciutto with arugula, pine nuts, parmesan, and lemon vinaigrette
Heavy Seas Winter Storm with Spicy Garlic and cilantro pork skewers
Heavy Seas Peg Leg with Dark chocolate bacon cupcake

The Facebook event didnot mention the price for the pairings but I have been told that each location will be somewhere around $12 – $15, which includes the beer.

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