It’s International Growler Day!

Have you hugged your growler today? Maybe, it’s time you should.  The Wikipedia entry for growler lists it as a type of beer bottle among other possibilities, which is partly true but mostly inaccurate. Wikipedia gives more insight into the history behind the name:

The term likely dates back to the late 19th century when fresh beer was carried from the local pub to one’s home by means of a small galvanized pail. Often the inside of the pail would be coated with lard to decrease foam and allow for slightly more beer to be in the pail. It is claimed the sound that the CO2 made when it escaped from the lid as the beer sloshed around sounded like a growl.

A growler is not simply a bottle you chose to fill with beer. Deciding which beer to fill your growler with can be an intimate affair.  Maybe you’re going to a party. Do you bring the new exotic brew you just tasted for the first time?  Or do you go with an old favorite you hadn’t seen in awhile?  What if you go somewhere that has 50 taps to choose from? It may take you a few hours just to fill the one growler you brought with you?  If you find trying to pick out beer to put in your growler to be a chore then you’re doing it wrong.  Simply put filling your growler should be fun.  Here are a few places that you can go have your fun today.

Tarrant’s Cafe 11am — 12am

Capital Ale House 11am — 1:30am

Whole Foods Short Pump 8am — 10pm

Hardywood Park 2pm — 5pm

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