My Vote for Hardywood’s Next Brew

This tweet from Capital Ale House just reminded me that attendees at the Hardywood cocoa/coffee stout tasting will get to choose their next brew.

This is just another classic example of Hardywood’s focus on local ingredients and the community.  I cannot attend so I will cast my vote right now. Drum roll please….Belgian Raspberry Stout! What?! What do you mean it’s not one of the choices?  Ok, fine. Here’s the full info out of Taste the Local:

To follow up Gingerbread Stout, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery will be doing a cocoa/coffee stout. Help them choose which locally roasted coffee will be used in the beer on Wednesday at Capital Ale House Richmond. 6:30pm. Three firkins will be available to sample and vote on your favorite. The winning roast goes in the next brew!

Coffee roasts are from Black Hand Coffee Company, Lamplighter, and Blanchard’s. I do not really have a preference over any of the coffee roasters except maybe Blanchards because I know some of the people that work there.  So head to Capital Ale House Downtown at 6:30  to cast your vote.

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