Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

Happy 10th Capital Ale House!

It’s hard to believe it has been 10 short years since Capital Ale House first opened their doors in downtown Richmond. In those 10 years, Capital has extended its reach by adding locations in Midlothian,  Innsbrook, and as well as distant Fredericksburg.

Never ones to think small, Cap Ale has big plans on the agenda. We’re talking year long big. First, how do you feel about a special beer? How about 12 of them? Well, that’s what they’ve done. Capital Ale House has contracted with 12 breweries for special anniversary beers to be tapped each month.

The first brewery to contribute a beer to this celebration will be Starr Hill Brewing with their “Doppelbock, an extra-strong dark lager with a massive caramel aroma and a gentle toasty bittersweet finish”. Before you groan and ask why Starr Hill, consider that Starr Hill for a long time had their own music hall in Charlottesville. I will openly admit that I have not been the biggest fan of Starr Hill’s beers, but a recent visit to the brewery has me changing my mind. After receiving a six pack of dopplebock for Christmas, I said I needed to try more of the style.  So I guess I will be starting with their Doppelbock and hope you will give Starr Hill a second try. I think you will be surprised.

The tapping will begin at 6pm at the Downtown location. Read more at the Facebook event page.

Oh and that’s not all! Apparently, there will be a second special beer from Starr Hill tonight as well.  According to this tweet from the brewery, their All Access Wee Heavy will also be on tap.

So what else done Capital Ale have planned for this milestone year.  Wait and see!

Remember it all starts at 6pm!

623 E Main St.
Richmond, VA 23219-2405