My Birthday Dinner at Bistro 27

I had the most amazing birthday dinner of my life on April 27th thanks to Bistro 27 and Bobby Kruger.  Bobby made me two birthday beer cocktails just for me.  The cocktail pictured above on the left used Allagash White (one of my favorite beers), cardamom crystals, egg white and freshly ground black pepper.  This cocktail was the perfect start to the meal prepared by Chef Silva. Choosing from the Restaurant Week Menu, my first course were mussels tossed in marinara sauce; I could not help but use the bread provided to sop up this tasty tomato concoction.

My second course was Steak au Poivre.  This classic French dish was absolutely delish but don’t take my word for it. Have a look at this pic; I barely stopped myself long enough to snap it.

My meal would have ended with the decadent dark chocolate torte for dessert but Bobby was not done with me yet.  He created a mocha float using Hardywood Mocha Belgique with a charred chocolate marshmallow on top and with a kick from a bit of mole syrup.  Once again guys, thanks for the superb meal!

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