Scoop: Beer Vs Wine Dinner at Peter Chang China Cafe

Needless to say, Peter Chang’s arrival in Richmond has excited foodies in town so much that they don’t mind driving to Short Pump just to feel the burn of his unique Szechuan cuisine.  I’ve tried to get a seat in the new restaurant but I couldn’t handle the two hour wait.  I thought I’d wait until the crowds died down until I would try again.  Turns out I will be there sooner rather than later because Peter Chang is hosting a Beer vs Wine Dinner on Sunday, May 27th

This is not my first time hearing about this dinner concept. The idea of this concept and who in town could throw such a dinner were my main reasons for starting this blog.  I am incredibly excited that Peter Chang’s China Cafe  has chosen to do this for their inaugural dinner event.  The dinner will be in the style of a traditional Chinese banquet served family style.  After heavy appetizers, each family style course will be paired with beer and wine samples.  Dinner participants will vote on a winner for each course, beer or wine.

Presenters for the dinner will be Bartholomew Broadbent of Broadbent Selections, Ben Petty of Brown Distributing and Genevelyn Steele of Dionysos Imports.

Heavy starters followed by a four course feast with beer and wine, Richmond may just implode from all of the excitement.  Cost for the dinner is $80/person.


  1. Peter Chang says:

    Thank you for the mention. We look forward to having you in, without the wait. It’s been challenging pairing with my spicy food, but we’re ready to go on this one.

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