Daily Archives: May 10, 2012

Denton’s Handmade Bottle Openers

Nick Walthall, one of the assistant brewers at Hardywood, posted the photo of this bottle opener made by his dad, Denton, earlier today, May 10th.  Here’s what he had to say about it.

Denton is gonna be selling his hand made bottle openers up at the farmers market outside of Whole Foods today 4-7. They don’t damage caps so if you’re a cap collector like me they’re perfect. If nothing else go have a beer with Greg, Ana, and Paul.

So head out to Whole Foods Short Pump before 7pm and pick up one of these cool openers.

Capital Ale House Double Taps Anniversary Beers

Capital Ale House may have missed last month’s Anniversary beer tapping but they are making up for it with the tapping of two anniversary beers Friday May 11th at 6pm. 

First up is a Black IPA from Lancaster Brewing out of Pennnsylvania. Lancaster’s Black Boar IPA is the first of Cap Ale’s anniversary beers to come from out of state.  I have an affinity for Black IPAs so I am looking forward to getting the chance to try it. 

The second anniversary beer to be tapped  will be from Blue & Gray Brewing of Fredericksburg, VA. Their Kollaboration Kolsch, brewed by Richmond native David Achkio, is described as “a refreshing golden ale, hopped with Saaz and Splatz.  It’s bright, with a light delicate body.  A great session beer for the warmer weather, it is a straightforward fresh Kolsch, true to its German origins accentuated by the noble hop character.”

Both beers will available at all Cap Ale locations starting at 6pm Friday.   Go out and try these beers while you can.