Saturday Virginia Beer Dilemma

Ever have one of those days where you want to be two places at once but know there is no way on earth you could do both.  This Saturday July 14th is one such day for me.  This dilemma involves two of my favorite Virginia breweries: Mad Fox Brewing and Hardywood.

Now you’ve probably heard me talk about Mad Fox in the past but what I probably haven’t mentioned is one of my favorite beers to get from them is their Orange Whip IPA.  This is very strange considering I typically drink on the maltier side of the beer spectrum.  To think I’ve only had Orange Whip once and it left such an impression on me that I look for it every time I visit Mad Fox.

When Mad Fox said they were tapping Orange Whip to kickoff their Second Anniversary Party, I almost died.  I was so set to go but guess what happened.

Hardywood had a little announcement of their own: Virginia Strawberry is ready to be unleashed on the masses.  Saturday from 2 – 8pm will be your first chance to get Hardywood’s latest Reserve Series beer.  What’s more, famed Richmond mixologist Bobby Kruger is making a special trip back from NYC to create a signature Randall especially for this release.   Two of the ingredients I hear Bobby will be adding to the Randall are pink peppercorns and dark Belgian candy sugar.  Of course, there will be music and food to enjoy as well.

Two great brewery events to have to pick from is a pretty cool dilemma to have.  What would you choose?

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