Starr Hill Boxcar Pumpkin at On The Rox

I didn’t know it was already time for this but I received a tip last  night that On The Rox will tap Starr Hill’s Boxcar Pumpkin Porter tonight August  29th at 6pm.

Grab a bite at On The Rox early during their half off happy hour from 3 – 6pm then stay some pumpkin. 

While perusing their Facebook page this morning, I saw Starr Hill’s Brewmaster Mark Thompson was riding around Richmond last night.  If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll stop into The Rox. 

UPDATE: Apparently, I was right abot Mark Thompson still being in town.  He will be talking up the pumpkin porter at Station 2 according to their tweet.



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  1. Shannon says:

    I just tried this for the first time at the Best of Richmond Magazine event on Monday. Really, really like it. And I love me some On the Rox Chicken Salad Panini. May have to head down there.

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