Richmond Make Sure To Follow The Rules Of SantaCon

SantaCon is also happening tonight. Wikipedia explains it simply:

SantaCon is an annual mass gathering of people dressed in Santa Claus costumes parading publicly on streets and in bars in cities around the world. The focus is on spontaneity and creativity, while having a good time and spreading cheer and goodwill.[1]

Sometimes known as Naughty Santas, Cheapsuit Santas, Santarchy, Santapalooza, and Santa Rampage, SantaCon incorporates elements of a flash mob in the context of cheerful bawdy and harmless behavior, the singing of naughty Christmas carols, and the giving of small gifts to strangers.

If this sounds like fun to you, you’ll want to join SantaCon RVA as they hit a few bars downtown.  They have added a charity portion this year with Toys for Tots.  Here are their scheduled stops:

6:00 pm – Gibson’s Grill, 700 E. Broad Street.

8:30 pm – Capital Ale House, 623 E. Main Street. (downstairs game room)

10:30 pm – Sine’ Irish Pub, 1327 East Cary Street.

Toy collection boxes will be at both Gibson’s and Capital Ale. They will not be collecting toys at Sine.

Have fun but  make sure you follow the rules:

  1. Santa does not make children cry. Really, if you see kids, don’t do anything to freak them out. Give them a nice smile and possibly a gift of some kind.  Don’t be that Santa.
  2. Santa doesn’t whine. Santa is here to have fun. Don’t be that Santa.
  3. Watching Santa get drunk and rowdy is fun. Babysitting Santa while he vomits in an alley is not. Don’t be that Santa.
  4. Bring Cash – Managing 50+ tabs is not fun. Closing out 50+ tabs at the same time is pretty darn near impossible.
  5. TIP WELL!!!! The Bartenders and wait staff that will be serving us are going to be working hard and dealing with a bunch of drunk people. Reward them properly.
  6. Dress up! You don’t have to dress exactly like Santa. In fact, unusual interpretations of Santa-ness are much appreciated, both by those we bring joy to – as well as your fellow santas: elves, reindeer themes etc. are fine as well!
  7. Santa doesn’t drink & drive and neither should you. If you’re going to drink you must make sure that you can get safely home without driving yourself.
  8. Please remember that this is all about having fun. Most santas like to take their fun with a little alcohol which is fine. What is not fine, however, is getting completely sh#t-faced to the point that santas end up being abusive or violent. Remember that there is no “bail fund” for incarcerated santas and if you cross the line you’ll be on your own. Don’t be that Santa.

You’ll find more info about the event here.

Image via NYC PR girls

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