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Devils Backbone Tap Invasion at Conch Republic Tonight

Devils Backbone RVA logoHead over to Rocketts Landing tonight  December 19th as Devils Backbone takes over the taps at Conch Republic starting at 5pm.  The six DB beers on tap for the night include:

Vienna Lager
8 Point IPA
Anniversary Ale
Advantageous Weizenbock
Old Germany Lager
Azrael Belgian Golden Ale

Conch Republic
11 Orleans St.
Richmond, VA 23231

Great perspective on craft vs crafty debate from Terrapin owner John Cochran.

John at Terrapin

If you’ve been paying any attention to the world of “craft” beer the last few days, you’ve seen the Brewer’s Association’s latest message regarding “real” craft beer vs. “faux” craft beer. According to the BA, a “true” craft brewer produces less than 6 million barrels per year, uses “traditional” ingredients, and is less than 25% owned by a non craft brewer (i.e. anyone that produces more than 6 million barrels or whose flagship uses “non-traditional” ingredients).

Theoretically, these three criteria are all OK. Especially when one considers them as what they really are. They are an attempt by a trade organization, the Brewer’s Association, to define their clientele. Taken in that light, no big deal. The BA is trying to organize the chaotic beer world in a way that allows them to draw a line and say, “These are the companies that are part of our organization. These are the breweries…

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