SAVOR NYC Tickets On Sale Tuesday & Wednesday


Savor NYCUPDATE: Buy tickets through Ticketmaster here.

With everything that has been going on, details about SAVOR in New York City  June 14th & 15th almost slipped through the cracks.  Here are the details from the Brewers Association if you plan on attempting to go this year:

Ticket Sale Dates:
Tuesday, April 16: Member Pre-Sale for members of the American Homebrewers Association® and the Brewers Association, 12:00 pm EDT (11:00 am CDT/10:00 am MDT/9:00 am PDT)

Wednesday, April 17: Public/general ticket sale, 12:00 pm EDT (11:00 am CDT/10:00 am MDT/9:00 am PDT)

In recent years, SAVOR tickets have sold out in mere minutes, and we expect another very fast ticket sell-out in 2013.  Please review this important information in advance of the ticket sale:

  • Ticket pricing is posted online.
  • Set up a user account on Ticketmaster now so you’ll be ready to buy when tickets go on sale
  • On the date of ticket sales, go directly to the SAVOR Ticketmaster page (link will be announced soon).
  • If you plan to purchase a Grand Tasting and Salon package ticket(s), choose your preferred Salons ahead of time to more quickly navigate the Ticketmaster ticket selection list. You may also purchase a Grand Tasting ticket without a Salon option.
  • You will receive one ticket for each Grand Tasting ticket purchase and one ticket for each Grand Tasting + Salon ticket package purchase. In other words, if you purchase a Grand Tasting + Salon ticket package, you will not receive two tickets, just one.

Good luck to everyone trying to go. I wish I could make it myself.  Between attending the Homebrewers Conference later that month and New York hotel and travel costs, I just don’t it will happen this year.

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