Goose Island Invasion Landing At Rappahannock Tonight

Goose Island Vintage Glass4Please turn your attention to the photo on the right.  This Goose Island vintage stemmed glass has been an object of my desire since my New Year’s Eve dinner at The Magpie last year.  Since that time, an opportunity to steal said glass had not presented itself until today.

This afternoon Tuesday July 30, Rappahannock will be the site of a Goose Island tap invasion and steal the glass night.  If you want one of these glasses as much as I do, you better get a move on; there are only 50 available.

Here is what  will be flowing Rappahannock’s taps for the night:

Sofie Paradisi — Sofie w/ grapefruit instead of orange peel
Pere Jacques
Pepe Nero
The Illinois — Imperial IPA

I’m hearing there will also be some Chi-town inspired dishes coming out of the kitchen.  Sounds like it will be a fun night. Beers will be tapped at 4pm.

Rappahannock Restaurant
320 E Grace St
Richmond, VA 23219

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