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Double Double Toil & Trouble: Get Wyrd With Strangeways And Screens ‘n’ Suds Tonight

Like all good things, Strangeways Brewing’s contribution to Screens ‘n’ Suds’ Small Batch Beer Series come in threes.   Drawing inspiration from the three witches (weird sisters) from Macbeth, Strangeways has concocted The Wyrd Sisters, three different versions of a Belgian Tripel, each fermented on a different yeast strain — Cordelia (Celis), Ophelia (La Chouffe), Desdemona (Trappist) — then aged in oak barrels.

Head over to the lab tonight Tuesday October 29th at 5pm for your first tastes of these three wicked beers.

Head over to the Facebook event for more information.

2277A Dabney Rd
Richmond, VA 23230

Remember this and Screens ‘n’ Suds’ other small batdch beers will be available for purchase only at their Big Event Saturday at Gallery 5.