Daily Archives: November 5, 2013

RVA Beer Week: Craft Beer Cocktails at Saison

RVA Beer Week LogoPopped into Saison a couple times over the weekend so I could get the details on their beer cocktails for the week.

The list sounds amazing and I’m looking forward to trying more of their creations.

End of Days ($8) — tequila, campari, lime, demerara, IPA.

Imperial Dark & Stormy ($10) — Rum, lime, ginger, ginger beer, imperial stout.

Death Star Flip ($10) — Rum, bourbon, orgeat, Imperial stout.

Apple Jackie Brown ($10) — applejack, apple port, sherry, Averna, Belgian Brown.

Pils Punch ($8) — Gin, St germain, lemon, pils.

3-2-1 Contact ($8) — dry vermouth, rose vermouth, allspice dram, Aperol, Wild Ale.

Rumbarrelstiltsken ($10) — Rum, Madeira, barleywine.

Go check these guys out and grab some of their delicious food while you’re at it.

23 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23220