On The Bright Side, There Will Still Be Some Hardywood Bourbon Gingerbread Stout

By now you’ve probably seen the post below from Hardywood.

While some of you may still be going through the stages of grief, here’s the good news: there is still Bourbon GBS to be had.  Now is a time to be thankful for the little things.  Hardywood was able to save about 18 barrels worth of the beer; that is over 4500 pints.

How will these 18 barrels be divided up, you ask? I can’t say exactly but here is what I do know:

  • A very limited quantity of bottles will be sold starting at 1PM Saturday.  Bottles will only at the brewery so Hardywood can hope to recover some of the loss.  When I stopped by Thursday, there was a palette bottled with more to be packaged.  Bottles will be limited to 2 per person. So get there early if you absolute have to have a bottle.
  • Some kegs will make it to the market. So if you’ve seen an event planning to have Bourbon GBS, I’d expect that they will still have it but probably at a lesser quantity than planned.

Here are some events where you’ll find BB GBS at:

This is not all the places who will get a keg but it will get you started.  I’ll update when I have more tapping times.

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