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Good Friday For A Hardywood Manhattan Cru Pin Tapping At Heritage

Remember these couple of Instagrams from a few weeks ago?

This was¬†an exciting project¬†from an idea that started to take shape just before Hardywood’s Bourbon Cru release. ¬†The idea seemed simple; transform Bourbon Cru to taste like a Manhattan. No big deal right? Just add some vermouth and bitters then call it day? Too easy. ¬†Early on, I consulted John Maher, now of Rogue Gentlemen, on how to get the vermouth flavors¬†without actually adding vermouth. ¬†He was able to point me towards using red wine, oranges and a combination of spices but we were too late. ¬†2013 Bourbon Cru was already packaged making it too late to do any sort of cask.

Needless to say, the gang at Hardywood were thrilled with the idea behind¬†this pin. ¬†So off to work I went again. ¬†This time though I consulted the man who’s bar I have dined at on numerous occasions — Mattias Hagglund of Heritage. ¬†One email from Mattias sent me on a whirlwind idea of making sweet vermouth from scratch just to use for this cask. ¬†This was looking to get very expensive. ¬†Thankfully, Mattias suggested using Cardamaro, a wine based digestif, otherwise we might¬†have missed our chance. ¬†Luckily, I had just bought some blood oranges. ¬†Last¬†thing I needed¬†was something to absorb the flavors of the amaro — wood and some dried fruit. ¬†But what kind of¬†wood? Oak would have been an obvious choice but I¬†figured it would be use something different than what the beer was aged in. ¬†The wood and dried fruit would end up being the same flavor, cherry! ¬†Most of the dried cherries in stores are of the tart variety, a flavor I did not want added. ¬†Luckily, Trader Joe’s carried the dark sweet cherries I was looking for. ¬†Once selected, I combined the ingredients in a jar then poured in the Cardamaro and letting the ingredients soak¬†for about a week until the cherries were noticeable plump. ¬†After that, it was off to Hardywood for addition to a pin.

That was a long explanation to tell you how this idea came about.  Here is all you need to remember.  This pin will be tapped Friday April 18th at 5:30pm at Heritage.  Come join me and taste the fruit of our labor.

Oh and¬†this not the only idea I have for Hardywood cask beer. ¬†The only clue will give you is a drink from Heritage’s menu — Bramble!

Head over to the Facebook event for more details and updates. ¬†This will be a nice lead in to Saturday’s Bourbon Cru release.

1627 W Main St
Richmond, VA 23220

Who knows maybe I will get the chance to make some cask beers with other breweries in town in the future.

Smartmouth and Green Flash Bring Their Man Crush To Mekong Tonight

Credit: Smartmouth

Credit: Smartmouth

Head over to Mekong tonight Wednesday April 16th at 5pm as Smartmouth and Green Flash unveil their collaboration, Man Crush Hoppy Saison. Brewed in at Smartmouth in Norfolk, VA, Man Crush is Green Flash’s first collaboration with a Virginia brewery before they open their Virginia Beach brewery sometime in 2015.

Brewers from both Smartmouth and Green Flash will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about their breweries or how they came up with this beer.

Other beers to be tapped for the night include:

Green Flash Green Bullet — Triple IPA
Green Flash Cedar Plank — American Pale Ale
Smartmouth Notch 9 — Double¬†IPA
Smartmouth Cow Catcher — Milkstout

Head over to the Facebook event for more information.