Grab Your Hops & Barley. Tomorrow Is Big Brew Day 2014

Credit: American Homebrewers Association

Credit: American Homebrewers Association

Saturday, May 3rd, marks the 13th annual Big Brew Day sanctioned by the American Homebrewers Association. Homebrewers from around the  world choose from predetermined recipes to brew on that day.  The three recipes selected this year are gold medal winners from 2013 National Homebrew Competition (categories 10, 13, & 4): Regal Pale Ale, Split Open and Melt Imperial Stout, and Black Dog Lager Schwartzbier.  You can see the actual recipes here.

Starting at 9am, Richmond’s local homebrewing club, the James River Homebrewers, will be brewing at Original Gravity over on Lakeside Ave.  If you ever wondered about how beer is made, this is a great opportunity and promises to be a great time for all.  So drive on down and join on the fun.  Get there by noon to join in on the worldwide toast.

Original Gravity
6920 Lakeside Ave.
Richmond, VA 23228
(804) 264-4808


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  3. my husband used to do alot of homebrewing,he had/has brewpots, a huge double boiler, caps , a capper, dozens of bottles etc. now, ten years later, we have no room for a brewing set up and we had a toddler. he went through all his old brewing suppiles and decided he would like to possibly sell it all off. do you know of someone who might be interested in ALOT of brewing supplies. we live in richmond.thank you karin l. howell 804 366 1569

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