Richmond’s Shine Craft Vessels Company Among Finalists For Ledbury Launch Fund

Ledbury recently opened the Ledbury Launch Fund in which they will reward $25,000 to a deserving entrepreneur to help them start their consumer goods company.  Voting is open to the public until Tuesday June 24th to determine which of the three finalists will receive $25,000 and a year of mentorship from co-founders, Paul Trible and Paul Watson.

The finalists are:

  • Shine Craft Vessel Co from Richmond, VA, creates premium, well-designed beer growlers and barware. Jordan Childs started Shine Vessels in early 2014 to complement the national craft beer trend with reusable barware that appeals to design lovers as much as beer enthusiasts.
  • Kuli Kuli from Oakland, CA, sells bars and powder products made with moringa, the African superfood considered to be more nutritious than kale. Founder Lisa Curtis learned of moringa when in the Peace Corps in Niger; now Kuli Kuli harvests moringa in West Africa to provide sustainable work.
  • Thread from Pittsburgh, PA, upcycles trash from impoverished nations and transforms it into dignified jobs and responsible fabrics for use in consumer goods. While visiting Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, Ian Rosenberger noticed an abundance of trash and a desire to work, which he used to found Thread.

Help Shine Craft by voting today here. Remember voting ends next Tuesday June 24th. Tell your friends!

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