Bock Battle Between Lickinghole Creek And Strangeways This Weekend

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition between Richmond breweries.  There are no losers this weekend as Lickinghole Creek and Strangeways pit bock vs bock for Saturday and Sunday beer releases.

LCCB starts things off Saturday August 9th with the release of their Creator Hoppelbock, a hoppy doppelbock.

We are excited to release our newest lager. This one’s a doozy. We love the Doppelbock style, and as y’all know, we love hops, so we decided to “Create”a Hoppelbock. The Creator Hoppelbock maintains the malt heritage of the style while adding a fantastic hop presence without extra bitterness.

Nine distinctive malts provide the structure of the Creator, while New Zealand Hallertau, US Mount Hood, Styrian Celia and German Hersbucker account for the hop flavor and aroma.

Head over to the Facebook event for more information and updates.

Strangeways has you covered on a potentially rainy Sunday August 10 with their bourbon bock, Virginia Vulgarian Bourbon Bock:

This oh-so-smooth bourbon bock is lagered specifically to blend with the bourbon characteristics of the A. Smith Bowman barrels, but with a lower ABV to increase drinkability…

An unrefined Virginia gentlemen is lured deep into the woodlands by the thrill of the hunt. Patience is his creed absent creature comforts that often come few and far between. His mind hearkens what Virginia native Thomas Jefferson once said: “With great risk comes great reward”. With this he seeks out full flavors enhanced by local Virginia bourbon, while at the same time harboring the desire to avoid excessive booziness and burn, which could detract from the smooth character and malty sweetness of the luscious, deep red elixir he so fervidly craves. A rapid flavor assault wets his appetite and courses through his veins as zings of bourbon resonate. His quarry in hand, the Virginia Vulgarian reveres the potion’s art of being quite approachable in its manageable 6.66% ABV.

Head over to the Facebook event for more information and updates.

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