Bunnyman R.I.P.s Into Station 2 with Legend & Lost Rhino Tonight

Experience the urban legend of the Bunny Man tonight as Legend Brewing teams up with Lost Rhino to present the latest in the Urban Legend series “RIP Ale,” a Red IPA at Station 2 tonight Thursday September 25th at 5pm.

Urban Legend Story: Incidents dating back to the early 1900s suggest a man wearing a white bunny suit with long floppy ears terrorized innocent Northern Virginians. In one such instance, a man and his fiancé were foolhardily parked alone and became startled by a knocking outside their window. Moments later, their front windshield was smashed with a weighty axe, and through the specks of shattered glass, they saw a man dressed head to toe in a bunny costume. Again, the Bunny Man was identified intimidating Fairfax County residents—he bludgeoned possessions with an axe and induced fear in the community with his savage behavior….

Description of Style: Legend Brewing Co, in collaboration with Favio Garcia (Brewmaster, Lost Rhino), shed light on this urban legend with the creation of the “RIP Ale,” a Red IPA. Specialty malts evoke a soft, drinkable profile, while Amarillo and Chinook hops add a tropical aroma and piney bitterness. If there’s a better boozy representation of a bunny suit wearing ax-murderer, we’ve yet to try it. Though the story is cryptic and one to keep you up at night, Legend Brewing Co. and Lost Rhino transforms the terror of the murderous Bunny Man into imbibing enjoyment.

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