Get Stung By Virginia Stingo At Strangeways This Weekend

This has to be the strangest video for a beer release yet.

How did Strangeways come up with the name Virginia Stingo?

The name Stingo, derived from a fashionable slang word in the 1700’s for a strong or old English ale, likely comes from the sharp or “stinging” flavor arising from this barrel-aged style of beer. Gigantic amounts of malt were split between two separate mashes, and then blended back into the kettle to provide an extremely solid backbone into which dark candi syrup and coconut sugar were intertwined. Virginia Stingo then spent nine months maturing in oak barrels that originally housed red wine from Virginia’s Horton Vineyards. The result is a big, boozy, yet balanced ale, meant to be sipped and savored like a fine red wine.

You can get stung by this British invasion starting today Friday November 14th starting at noon.  Check out the Facebook event for more information and updates.

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