Show Garden Grove Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Head over to Garden Grove Brewing in Carytown today Saturday February 14th for their grand opening as the 100th Virginia brewery.

Here is what they will have on tap for the grand opening starting at noon:

The Farmhouse — Belgian Saison (ABV 6%;  IBUs 36;  O.G. 1.052;  12oz $6)
A delicious blend of fruit and spice on a barley, wheat, and rye base. This ale cherishes and toys with the Saison tradition.

The Knight — Belgian Triple (ABV 9.1%;  IBUs 32;  O.G. 1.080;   10oz $7)
Esters and Phenols take flight at 9.1% ABV with the right amount of malt character to keep it grounded.

Southern Hemi India Pale Ale  (ABV 7.1%;  IBUs 60;  O.G. 1.068;   12oz  $7)
This IPA featuring hops entirely from New Zealand and Australia introduces a fruit forward hop character completely unique from West Coast, East Coast, and British IPAs.  The malt character is rich yet the beer is still dry and crisp ensuring that the hops are the star attraction.

Ronnie’s Red Ale  (ABV 6.8%;  IBUs 56;  O.G. 1.065;   12oz $6)
Our British red ale is an exercise in malt and hop excess.  The malt and hop characters are in a battle to be the stars.

Carytown Brown  (ABV 5.6%;  IBUs 36;  O.G. 1.054;   12oz $5)
A British style brown with an American twist.  Clean, drinkable with a restrained bitterness but quite rich in caramel, chocolate, and nuts. Nutella and peanut butter on toast.

Solera Stout (ABV 8%;  IBUs 58;  O.G. 1.072;   10 oz $6)
We aim to have an ever evolving complex Imperial Stout reminiscent of a fine port by using the Solera System.  We generally blend in up to 10% of older vintages of our Imperial Stout into the most recent batch in the fermenter.

Honey Sparkler (ABV 8%;  IBUs  0;  O.G. 1.066;   10oz $7)
A confused soul that is reminiscent of a fine sparkling wine.  Our Sparkler is formulated with white sorghum, orange blossom honey and finished with a touch of the French hop variety Strisselpalt to heighten the fruity aromas. Great acidity, effervescence, fruit, and delicious honey flavors make it thirst quenching. Gluten Free.

Take a look inside the brewery from my time during the soft opening.

Check out Garden Grove’s Facebook event for more details on the grand opening.

Garden Grove Brewing Company
3445 W Cary St
Richmond, VA 23221

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