Hardywood Walpurgisnacht Smoked Maibock Coming Soon

WalpurgisnachtGood luck pronouncing the name of this beer. As it so happens, this was not the beer I was trying to find information on from Hardywood’s website. I was looking for the Berliner Weisse I heard they were releasing this weekend. If you had their Third Anniversary Ale, I’d imagine it would be quite similar as it is the same style. Enough about that beer; I’m more excited about the prospect of a smoked beer from Hardywood. I’d often joke that Hardywood should have made a smoked version of Farmhouse Pumpkin using smoked pumpkins; I may have even written it up on their idea board in the brewhouse.

There is no announced date for this release but Thursday April 30th is ripe food pairing possibilities with all the food trucks on hand. Oh and it’s during my birthday week. Read up on Hardywood Walpurgisnacht:

As night falls on the 30th of April, people across Europe come together to revel around bonfires, dance, and be merry. Known in Germany as Walpurgisnacht, the festival commemorates the arrival of spring in a folklore-steeped celebration meant to ward off the last evil spirits of winter. Hardywood Walpurgisnacht takes cue from its namesake, welcoming spring with a traditional Maibock brewed with Pilsner, Munich, and Vienna malts that’s accentuated with a generous helping of beechwood-smoked malt, lending a mellow smokey character to this rich, deep-golden lager. The perfect accompaniment for combating the chill of an early spring night or for firing up the grill on those first warm days of the year.
Bottle Artwork by: Katie McBride

Strength (ABV): 7.2 % ABV
Color (SRM): 7 °L
Bitterness (IBU): 26 IBUs

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