The Weekend Brewer To Close For Last Time This Saturday

Weekend Brewer store frontSad news coming out of Chester as The Weekend Brewer announced their last day of operation July 4th. I know I wouldn’t be doing this today if not for Bob and Jeanne. It was one day back in the summer of 2009 when I first purchased my homebrewing starter kit and the ingredients to make a mango hefeweizen. At the time, I was living close to my day job so I could just email Bob my recipe, pick everything up at lunch and be ready to brew when I got home.

Cheers Bob and Jeanne and enjoy the retirement you have earned after years of service!

Read their closing notice here:


Notice of Closing

The WeekEnd Brewer Home Brew Supply was founded in 1988. Born from the knowledge of both the ‘Beverage Equipment Company’, that started business in Richmond, Virginia 1972. And ‘Eitzen Enterprises’, Brewery Equipment Installation, that started in the late 1980s. The combined knowledge from Jeanne, Bob & Wayne helped create ‘The WeekEnd Brewer’ into one of the most successful Home Brew supply stores on the East Coast.

Now after 27 years as the ‘WeekEnd Brewer’ and 43 years also as the ‘Beverage Equipment Company’, it has been decide by the Henderson’s to retire.

The business has grown through the years and has been sustained by increased growth in both the Home Beer and Home Wine industry.

The WeekEnd Brewer is grateful for the notoriety, of being one of the largest Suppliers on the East Coast.

Maintaining a large variety of Brewing Supplies has promoted our name as a premium supplier and with our customers help we have maintained a plus rating on all of the Customers Service forums.

We would like to thank not only all our great customers for their support through the years, but also all the Beer and Wine clubs we have had the privilege to start and be a part of.

We have been lucky to pair with some wonderful manufactures and suppliers that have through the years given us great support.

Please continue to teach and share and enjoy this wonderful craft.

At 5:00 pm. July 4th 2015 we will close our doors for the last time.

Thank you All

Bob & Jeanne Henderson

The WeekEnd Brewer
4205 West Hundred Road
Chester, VA
804 796 9760

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