The Veil Brewing’s Grand Opening This Saturday Is So Fancy…But You Already Knew


Richmond, we’re in the fast lane to The Veil Brewing‘s grand opening this Saturday April 16th from 11am to 11pm. From moment the Veil landed on Facebook, we have seen little peaks inside the mind of Matt Tarpey. (Fun fact: if you’ve interacted with them on Facebook, you were speaking directly to Matt. He has been running their social media from day one.) Saturday though, the gates swing wide open. Let’s go through a few of their updates to see what to expect.

First off, there will be four beers on tap:

  • Sleeping Forever — Imperial Stout (next year’s release will have bourbon barrel version blended in)
  • Dull Fangs — IPA with Galaxy & Nelson hops and organic grapefruit
  • Master Shredder (guitar not evil TMNT villain) — wheat IPA; year round flagship
  • Crucial Taunt — double IPA

Let’s get the rest of your questions out of the way.

Can I get these beers to go? Yes. Yes, you can. No growlers though.

What about glassware? How do you feel about gold and platinum?

Will there be shirts? Limited realness.

Posters? Why wouldn’t there be posters?

Ok, smart guy. What about food and entertainment? ZZQ, Stroops, Boka, and two DJs. Yeah, it’s that kind of party.

Head over to their Facebook event for more details and updates.

The Veil Brewing Co
1301 Roseneath Rd
Richmond, VA 23230

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