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Pre-Game Virginia Craft Beer Month At Strangeways Compendium of Curiosities

Strangeways Taproom SignVirginia Craft Beer Month officially starts tomorrow Thursday August 1st but you can get your party on with Strangeways’ Compendium of Curiosities tonight.

The compendium is all new tonight and includes:

I.  MONKEY PICKED WALLONIAN DAWN HONEY SAISON:  We have to start by saying that this is not a joke.  Growing on some of the steepest mountains in the world are the highly sought after Golden Oolong tea leaves (used in this Imperial Reserve blend), which are infused delicately into this one of a kind creation.  It is so dangerous to procure these leaves that man requires the aid of only the most talented and agile of climbers…monkeys that have been carefully trained by Buddhist monks.  We do not recommend A.F.M. to make this scintillating climb unless he has only been drinking our Super Session-able Saison.  A perfect match!

II.  CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY WOODBOOGER BELGIAN BROWN ALE:  Emperor’s Chocolate Elixir provides subtle hints of dark chocolate which are then accentuated with luscious red raspberries and interwoven in the deep textures of our complex Belgian Brown Ale.  Liquid dessert!

III.  SAMURAI CHAI MIXOLYDIAN RAG RYE BOCK:  A unique Japanese tea is formed by blending roasted and popped rice with an amazing green sencha.  Then a healthy addition of fresh ground chai spices is made.  The result is a nutty infusion with a bit of spice to add to the slightly smoky Rye Bock base.  Prost meets Kanpai!

The beers will be tapped at 4pm.  Head over to the Facebook event for more details.