Weekend Notes: 821 Cafe, Brew, and Popkin Tavern

Tonight February 7th, 821 Cafe ups their taps to seventeen and wants to give you a free growler (with fill).  Check out their tap list here.

Saturday February 8th, Brew is throwing another of their weekly beer schools featuring Founders.

To those with questions over Popkin Tavern’s closing, here are a few things you should know:

  • Yes! Popkin will still host their FREE beer school the next two Saturdays (2/8 & 2/15) at 4PM.
  • Popkin will start discounting beer Saturday February 8th in order to move it out before they close February 15th. 
  • As I hear it, there are some cool kegs they’ve been holding on to so be prepared for surprises.   


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